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Grace A.

Age 6

I feel happy because I love to play.

I feel awesome because my teacher is the best teacher ever and I have fun playing the piano with her

Diego A.

Age 16

From an early age, I developed a great admiration for music which I have been able to enjoy more since I acquired a passion for the piano. The piano allows me to be in contact with a special dimension and at the same time in contact with the great Maestros. 

I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Amarylli from an early age because she has taught me not only how to play the piano but also to know, appreciate and enjoy music. 

Amaya A.

Age 11

When I play the piano sometimes I feel frustrated and sometimes I feel relaxed. My relationship with my teacher is excellent although sometimes we fight and so on! but she is the best teacher so far and I love her. She is the best.

Francesca C.

Age 15

When I play the piano I become very relaxed and I begin to feel as one with the music. My body becomes nothing more than a fluid that’s flowing along with the beat and melody of the music. It brings me to a peaceful place.

My relationship with my teacher is very opened and relaxed. Her studio is very uplifting and void of anything that could cause intimidation or stress. She is so inviting and warm that I can be totally myself with her. With her it is more than just learning to play the piano, it is learning how to express yourself and your feelings through music. With her I’ve learned to do that.


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The Key Biscayne Piano Academy

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